The Global Compact

Searching for a way to structure existing activities related to CSR, and generate new ideas and initiatives with students and business partners, the United Nations Global Compact Initiative offers a unique “networking effect” and a structuring framework for organizing and developing initiatives in the shape of 10 principles of Corporate Social Responsibility.

In May 2008, a local network, the Global Compact Network Hellas, was launched on initiative by the Hellenic Network for Corporate Social Responsibility and the United Nations Development Program. This will further enhance the opportunities for achievement through collaboration with leading companies and organizations.

The membership in the Global Compact (since 2006) has been instrumental for maintaining CSR issues continuously on top of the agenda of the MBA Program, and it has brought several other important benefits including:

  • Interaction with the other national members in order to develop joint local initiatives in Greece.
  • Access to a vast database of leading companies world-wide reporting on their CSR policies and action plans. This is an invaluable source of information to our students and to Alumni who become more and more concerned and involved in CSR in their organizations.
  • Access to an important and continuously growing number of reports and publications through the Global Compact Data Base.
  • Continuous updates in the shape of the news links, and the list of events and conferences / workshops on the Global Compact Website helps keeping students and faculty up to date with all the recent developments.

In summary, we firmly believe that the membership in the United Nations Global Compact is highly beneficial for all types of educational institutions, and we wish to actively promote the benefits of being a member to all organizations.

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