Stylianos Matthaiou, 2012 graduate, Strategy Consultant, Dixons Carphone

 “I was always looking for an international career; MBA International was the beginning of my journey. It was not another degree, it was an experiential learning course. A course of how things link together; how you can envision and cultivate a rich forest in the place of 2 plants and a tree scattered around an infertile area. Because of this experience, I acquired but also developed the tools I needed to challenge myself and upscale my career. More importantly though, I developed a different mind-set, a mind-set to set high goals, to adopt the change and to think like there is no box; and on top of that, working with teams, I learned the humility to the goal. I got smarter and I got closer to my goal of becoming a true leader, a leader level 5.”

Current Distinctions & Awards