Applying to the Summer School

The application deadline is May 20th 2017. Please note that if registration capacity is filled prior to the deadline, the course will be closed, so you are advised to apply as soon as possible.
The Summer School is designed for University graduates, MBA and MSc Students. Years of study, work experience, excellent knowledge and proficiency of the English language, and motivation to attend the course are the main criteria in student selection.
To apply to the program, you have to fill in the application form which is available online. To complete your application, you have to upload your CV and also explain the reason why you wish to attend the program.

3 documents are required for a completed application;

– Program application form

– Personal CV

– Statement of Motivation in attending the Summer School

No, the Summer School program is only offered in June for the Summer 2017 period.
No, there is a no application fee.
Within 10 days you will be notified via e-mail whether you are eligible for the program. Information will also be provided regarding payment procedure.

Visa information

Students are responsible to obtain any necessary Visa to participate in the Summer School program. Please see the following link for information regarding visa requirements for Summer School study: http://www.mfa.gr/en/visas/visas-for-foreigners-traveling-to-greece/.
We provide students with a Summer School visa letter to be used in their visa application process upon receipt of the program tuition fee. Proof of accommodation in Athens for the duration of the program is also required to obtain the visa letter.
Unfortunately, no refund will be offered, if you cannot attend the program due to failure in obtaining a visa to enter Greece.

Payment of the tuition fees

Tuition fees should be paid once you have received our decision about your eligibility to attend the program. The final deadline for tuition payment is May 31st 2017. Only once tuition fees are paid in full is a student’s place in the program reserved.
Unfortunately, there is no such option.
Yes, you can pay by bank transfer. This is our recommended method of payment. Further information regarding payment will be provided after an application has been assessed.
No, payment in full is required for enrolment in the program.
If you wish to cancel your place in the course, your request should be made in writing (via letter or email). If written cancellation is received two weeks or more prior to the course start date, you will be entitled to a full refund. Cancellation requests after this time will not be considered for a refund.
Unfortunately, financial assistance is not available to Summer School students from the University.
There are no scholarships offered for the Summer School.


There are plenty of hotels located near the center of Athens. Special rates have been negotiated by Theotokis Travel & Congresses for the Summer School participants in a number of hotels in the surrounding downtown area. Please contact the agency directly for further information regarding accommodation. They can be reached at: 4 Eleftheroton Square, 15232, Halandri, Athens, tel.: +30 210 6852892, fax: +30 210 6846676, e-mail: info@theotokistravel.gr.

Course information

You will be given your timetable on the first day of the School. A preliminary timetable will be available online about 10 days prior to the start of the Summer School.
Course materials will be distributed at the first lecture.
There is no formal exam in terms of sit-down or take-home test. The evaluation is made through Class participation (25%), Individual Paper (50%), and Group presentation (25%).
Students who attend at least 75% of classes (9 out of 12 classes) and do not deliver the individual paper or the group presentation, will receive an Attendance Certificate. Students must note that an Attendance Certificate is not the equivalent to a number grade and it is unlikely that the Attendance Certificate will qualify as a transferable credit.
For students who choose not to be assessed (Class participation -25%, Individual Paper -50%, and Group presentation -25%), there is an option of an Attendance Certificate (provided that at least 75% of classes have been attended). The Attendance Certificate will state the paticipant’s  name and course, however the certificate will be noted as ‘Attended’, rather than assigned a number grade. As stated above, the Attendance Certificate alone will NOT qualify as a transferable credit.
Students completing the Summer School course will receive a certificate. Students who attend other institutions can apply the received credit from the Summer School towards the fulfilment of their studies at their current full-time University.
The course is the equivalent to 3 ECTS credits, however it is to the discretion and approval of the student’s home institution as to how these credits align with their own grading system. We recommend students consults with their home institution regarding the accreditation and transferability of these credits.
Current Distinctions & Awards