i-MBA was established in 1998, originally as an MSc in Decision Sciences, to address MBA-level educational needs in the information society era. It is an inter-departmental program providing internationally accredited Masters in Business Administration by the Association of MBAs (AMBA). The Departments of the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) participating in i-MBA are the following:

The globalization of the markets and the rapidly expanding use of Information and Communication Technologies are transforming drastically the business environment. i-MBA has been designed having in mind this dynamic evolution. The Program’s mission is to foster a new generation of management professionals and business executives who can respond effectively to the new realities of the business world, and lead their organizations into the new era.
The goals of our program are indicated by the acronym DECISION, which stands for the key directives of the program:

Develop Human Skills. Through a personalized skills development program, that includes exercises, team assignments, leadership role-playing, and personal coaching, we develop your self-awareness, self-management, teamwork, leadership, negotiation and communication skills.
Emphasize Analytical skills and Decision-Making. Through a number of courses and cases, we aim to develop your ability to grasp context, analyze/structure complex problems, use data, evaluate alternatives and risks, handle complexity, and ground decisions in profound knowledge.
Create Technological Awareness. Our curriculum includes specializations in some of the most technologically driven areas, such as financial engineering, e-business, or supply chain management, so that you develop a strong technological awareness that is critical in today’s business environment.
Instill Entrepreneurial Culture and Skills. Through a combination of activities such as courses, international study trips, case studies, mentoring, a specialization, and a personal venture development exercise, we try to build up the skills and cultivate the culture required in today’s entrepreneurial economy.
Support Practical Training. No classroom education can be complete without practical training. Through our Field Study Program, you will work in a team of students to address a real problem for a real company. In addition, case studies and experiential learning form an integral part of the program.
Instill Ethics and Social Responsibility principles. We strongly believe that Ethics and Social Responsibility form an integral part of leadership, and, as such, they are an important component of the program. Our membership in the Global Compact initiative of the United Nations signifies the importance we place on these principles and provides the platform for a number of activities that take place and you can be part of.
Operate Internationally. Through a series of international study visits and exchange agreements, a significant pool of international business courses to choose from, and an international environment of faculty and students, you get a firsthand knowledge of international business today, thus setting the basis for a successful career internationally.
Network. Our alumni network is extremely active and supportive. And so is our career office. By being a member of AUEB’s i-MBA class you will benefit from this network for life. In more than 20 countries you will enjoy the professional and social benefits from a network of successful alumni who share the same passion for their alma mater.

Current Distinctions & Awards