The i-MBA is administered by the Program Committee, according to the regulations for post graduate studies of the Program and of the University. The Committee is assisted by the Program Director, Deputy Director and the Program Administrative Personnel (Program Management, Career Development, International Relations, Marketing and Financial Affairs).

Academic Ethics

Students are expected to distinguish themselves for their ethos, integrity and spotless behavior during their studies in the Program. The students are expected to adhere to high ethical standards, which will be guaranteed by the Program Director and the Program Committee. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, the AUEB reserves the right to terminate one’s status as a student.

Students are also expected to participate in activities promoting social responsibility value and the principles of the Global Compact of which the MBA program is a part of.


Course attendance in the MBA International program is obligatory. Student attendance lists are maintained by the program secretariat. Students are also required to arrive timely, so as not to disturb the class. If a student is obliged for personal reasons to miss courses for a period exceeding three consecutive days, he/she should inform the Program Director and discuss the issue with his/her faculty. Under no circumstances should a student miss more than three class sessions in a full course, or one session in a mini course. If, for serious reasons that should be explained in writing, a student cannot be present to take the scheduled exams at the end of a term, then he/she may be examined in the particular course at the September re-examination period.

Course Availability & Scheduling

Courses offered by the program are divided into full courses and mini courses. Full courses account for 28 contact hours, while mini courses account for 15 contact hours. Full courses count for two academic credits, while mini courses count for one academic credit. All courses are offered in the English language.

The complete scheduling of courses offered during the year is available from the beginning of the academic year at the MBA Administration Portal (MAP). Even though every effort is made not to change the course schedules, small changes might have to take place during the year. These changes will be announced timely. Courses are scheduled Monday to Friday in the time zone 9:00 am – 6:00 pm for the Full Time Program with electives running until 9.30 pm, and in the time zone 6:00 pm – 9:30 pm for the Part Time Program. Courses can also run on Saturdays, both core and elective courses for both the FT and PT programs, with a duration of 3 up to 6 hours depending on the scheduling needs.

Students are requested to consult early and regularly the MAP, and make as early as possible their course selections. Please note that if the number of students registered in a course reaches an upper limit imposed for pedagogical or technical reasons, no more students are allowed to register for that course. Thus, as the Program cannot guarantee a place for all students in all electives, early registration is strongly advised. Conversely, if an elective is selected by a very small number of students, the Program Committee reserves the right to cancel the specific course in accordance with the university regulations.

Course Requirements and Grades

Course requirements typically include individual and team-based exercises, assignments and case studies, class participation, business games and/or written final exam. The requirements for each course are presented by the instructor at the beginning of the course, together with the way in which student performance will be assessed against these requirements. At the end of every academic period, the student receives a final grade for each course. The grading scale is as follows:

8.51 – 10.00 = excellent (honors)
6.51 – 8.50 = very good
5.00 – 6.50 = good
0 – 4.99 = fail  (F) 
INC = incomplete course

The “INC” grade is given when the student has not completed all the course requirements satisfactorily. In such a case the student must complete all requirements that fall short to the satisfaction of the instructor latest at the September re-examination period. Failure to complete the course requirements within the agreed time frame automatically implies that the student has failed the specific course. No student is allowed to have more than one incomplete course during any academic period, unless special permission is granted by the Program Director.

An “F” grade is given when the student’s total performance in the course is not sufficiently satisfactory to qualify for a passing grade. Students with an F grade (lower than 5.00) have to take the course exam again during September re-examination period and/or complete all other course requirements by the same date. If a student receives the “F” grade in more than three courses at any point in the duration of the Program, he/she is automatically disqualified and cannot continue the Program.

If the student passes the course after the re-examination, the grade he/she will receive cannot be greater than the lowest grade of the students that have already passed the specific course in the normal course of events. If the student fails the re-examination then he/she must re-register the course in the academic period during which it is next available. If a student fails a course he/she has already attended twice, he/she is automatically disqualified and cannot continue the Program.

At the end of every teaching period, the student may receive a detailed statement of his/her grades for all the courses they attended during the corresponding period. If the student is sponsored by a company, a copy of his/her transcript will be made available to the sponsor, if requested by the sponsor.

Current Distinctions & Awards