Enjoying life in Athens

Athens, the city of the Olympic Idea, the city of artists, cultural channel, scientific centre, East and West for each voyager, is at the crossroad of every major event! Artistic happenings, festivals, conventions, athletic competitions, celebrations, entertainment events choose Athens, prefer Athens as their venue. Athens is The City. But even more, it is the pole of attraction for everyone.

Athens teems with superb cafes, stellar clubs, spectacular sights, and much more that one cannot find in any guidebook. Being a student in Athens will give you the chance to unveil the Athens that exists beyond the post-card memories.

The legend on your doorstep…

Every year, and especially in summertime, Athens comes alive with musical and theatrical events and you never know who is going to show up to play. From Jethro Tull to The London Philarmonic to Iggy and the Stooges, the indoor and outdoor theatres are some of the best places in the world to see a performance. You should also keep your eyes and ears open for concerts by well-known artists in the theatre on Mount Lycabettus. Another amazing place to see a performance is Herod Atticus restored ancient theatre, below the entrance of the Acropolis. Outdoor cinemas and elegant roof-terrace restaurants are also a must of summer nights in Athens.

For unrivalled entertainment, clubs on Poseidonos Avenue, on the South Coast, cater to every taste: ethnic, Latin, rock live, jazz, hip hop, pop, alternative, mainstream, and free-style. Your social life is also likely to revolve around the Alumni Association and the Program Office, from the Annual Beach Party, the Carnival Party to a big Christmas Ball and team-building excursions.

Ski resorts, and the Greek islands with the sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters are within easy reach, close enough to explore over the weekends. You might even find that you can save money on normal ticket prices with a student discount that is provided for all.

Authentic, modern, stimulating!

A legendary city since antiquity, Athens lives a reality that bears no resemblance to its past and yet the present does not interrupt its mythical status. With numerous ethnic bars and retro restaurants, Psirri region retains an alluring inner-city authenticity. Adjacent, Monastiraki flea market and antique stores draw visitors from all around the world. A step further, you can walk along Ermou Street, the busiest shopping street of the city, leading to Syntagma Square. Just north of the square, you may find Kolonaki, the ever-trendy aristocratic neighborhood where you can do what Athenians do best: shop and drink coffee. You can browse from designer boutiques and foreign houses to home-grown wonders, pedestrians’ streets and cafes along the square.

Living in Athens will give you the best of student years’ memories. You will get to meet new people from diverse environments and explore incomparable sceneries. As an MBA student, you will acquire productive, rewarding and enjoyable time in AUEB, plus you will live the unforgettable student experience in Athens!

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