All candidates must have a solid academic background demonstrated by a university degree from a formally recognized Greek or foreign University. Variety in the profile of the candidates is encouraged. Applicants must also possess strong command of both spoken and written English.

The MBA International Program aims for people who can assume leadership roles in an international context. The program is design to be a postgraduate, post-experience qualification for high potential individuals.

We therefore ask for content as well as duration of work experience when assessing your suitability for admission. Minimum work experience is three years after graduation from undergraduate studies.

The Part-Time program is designed for candidates with at least five years of postgraduate work experience.

Full-time program candidates with less than three years postgraduate work experience, but who can demonstrate exceptional academic credentials, high GMAT scores, and/or truly outstanding leadership or entrepreneurial skills, can exceptionally be admitted to the program. Candidates in full time work may not enroll on the Full Time Program.

The short teaching periods and the intense schedule require full attendance to the courses and strong devotion of all students.

To be considered for a place in the program candidates must also demonstrate, through the application form, the recommendation letters and the compulsory interview, that they possess the essential qualities and motivation required for tomorrow’s international managers and business leaders.

Current Distinctions & Awards