Tuition & Costs

The very reasonable tuition fees and living expenses, in combination with the high quality AMBA-accredited academic program have been acclaimed internationally, and have led the international press (European CEO, 2006) to characterize the MBA International program as “probably the highest value-for-money proposition for business education internationally”.

 Full-time program tuition fees

The cost of participation in i-MBA Program , which is subject to change prior to September of each year, currently amounts to € 9,700. Payment dates for the tuition fees for the Full-time program are as follows:

  • € 1,700 upon acceptance
  • € 4,000 end of December
  • € 4,000 end of March

 Part-time program tuition fees

Tuition fees for the Part-time program, which are subject to change prior to September of each year, currently amount to € 9,900. Payment dates for the tuition fees for the Part-time program are as follows:

  • € 1,900 upon acceptance
  • € 2,000 end of January of the 1st year
  • € 2,000 end of May of the 1st year
  • € 2,000 end of October of the 2nd year
  • € 2,000 end of January of the 2nd year

 Living Expenses

Living costs vary; as a rule of thumb, one could say that living expenses amount to approximately 400-700 Euros per month. This is estimated as follows:

  • Rent: € 250-300
  • Utilities: € 20-50
  • Food: € 80-150
  • Transport: € 20
  • Books: € 50
  • Other expenses: € 50-130

 Additional Student Benefits

It must be noted that all participants of the program have a student card, through which they can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at the student cafeteria during the week at a cost of about € 2 per meal.

Also through the student card, all participants can benefit with significant reductions in bus fairs, theatre performances, etc.

Foreign Languages Fees

If you wish to learn additional foreign languages while you are pursuing your MBA at AUEB, you can select any of the following: French, German, Spanish, Russian. Foreign language courses’ fees range between € 200-400 for the year.

Current Distinctions & Awards