Student Clubs

i-MBA students have the opportunity to participate in several activities by becoming members of students clubs according to their preferences, skills and personalities.

An indicative list of active student clubs of the program follows:

Sustainable Development and Circular Economy Club

In recent years, Sustainable Development and Circular Economy have become key factors in today’s organizations and are enhanced in day-to-day business practices. Taking into consideration the great importance of this topic, the impact and challenges on businesses and society, the MBA International Program has taken the initiative to establish the i-MBA Sustainable Development and Circular Economy Club. The i-MBA Sustainable Development and Circular Economy Club will be a cross-sector, cross-discipline club that will focus on any aspect of sustainable development and circular economy. The club will consist of i-MBA students and alumni that will organize and support events and research.

Please find here the two newsletters of the i-MBA Sustainable Development and Circular Economy Club.

-2nd newsletter

-1st newsletter

Energy & Sustainability Club

AUEB i-MBA Energy & Sustainability Club is the 1st Energy Club in Greece and it strives to create:

  • knowledge platform between academia and companies regarding the modern research challenges in energy, environment and sustainable development sectors.
  • forum of discussion concerning the hotly debated energy and environmental topics of modern societies.
  • communication channel  between different areas such as engineering, economics, public policy, environment, sustainable development where students, alumni, faculty and energy professionals can shape and share ideas concerning the upcoming new Energy Era.
  • cell of innovation inside university producing breakthrough ideas and collaborating with top AUEB laboratories.
  • strong relationship between AUEB society and alumni, energy companies, and policy makers.
  • An international academic hub collaborating with other Energy Clubs from all over the world.

Sailing club

The i-MBA Sailing Club participates in prestigious annual events such as the Cranfield MBA Regatta, in which it won the 1st place in 2005, and the International MBA race organized in Portofino, where MBA schools from all over the world compete. The sailing club includes students who have sailing experience and passion for international sailing challenges.

Debate club

The i-MBA Debate Club is an ambitious endeavor of MBA students to set up a network of students and alumni who freely and openly exchange ideas. In the Debate Club students shed light into this complex world and at the same time they train themselves in the art of rhetoric and persuasion. They collectively select the topic of each debate and present the two sides of the story before an audience, which ultimately decides who the winner of the debate is. The debates are both constructive and fun while at the same time they help current and past i-MBAers keep in touch and strengthen their ties. The Debate Club is open to all i-MBA students and alumni.

Bizlab (Entrepreneurship club)

I-MBA BizLab is the MBA International’s entrepreneurship hub and its goal is to encourage, motivate and help MBAers to engage the Greek Startup Ecosystem. BizLab aims at enhancing the entrepreneurship and innovating thinking among MBAers, acting as a trigger for taking initiative and achieving personal development through action. It is a network whose objectives are to inspire, educate and empower individuals into sharing ideas, forming teams and launching startups.

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