i-MBA Alumni

If you are interested in:

  1. Staying close to your classmates and other program graduates, new and older;
  2. Participating in unique career and business events, networking activities and social events;
  3. Learning about the latest developments in the front-line of management and business;

then, grasp the opportunity of being part of the Program and join the AUEB i-MBA Alumni Association!

i-MBA Alumni Association provides ample opportunities for its active members to stay connected with their alma mater and foster a lifetime relationship among graduates, current students, the Graduate Program and the University.

The Alumni Association aims at establishing a well-known “brand name” for the graduates of the program, expanding its member base networking professionally between its members, and developing strong liaisons between graduates, sponsors, companies, and the University.

In order to foster the aforementioned targets, the Marketing Sector is dedicated to designing relevant activities that assist in the establishment of the Alumni’s identity and in retaining, enlarging and promoting the popularity and image of our i-MBA Program. Conducting regular surveys on the profile and the professional status of the Alumni Members, advertising and promoting the Alumni and the i-MBA Program, designing and distributing Alumni brochures and material, developing public relations with Companies and other Alumni Associations are some of the current Marketing actions.

Central point and tool of access for all Members is the i-MBA Alumni website which also improves communication and enhances lobbing and networking activities. The IT activities mainly include the development and maintenance of the website environment and content. The development and maintenance of our website is worthy to mention that is being implemented by one of our postgraduates in coordination with the IT coordinator and the members of the Board.

The alumni are encouraged to actively participate, provide assistance and contribute to association activities, committees, meetings, and the organization of various events.

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Current Distinctions & Awards