The Full-Time MBA International program starts in September every year and is scheduled daytime for the core courses and evening hours for the electives. Occasionally, courses might also be delivered Saturday mornings. Preparatory courses are offered in Business Mathematics and Accounting to students usually 2 weeks prior to the normal program starts. In the case of preparatory courses, students will be notified upon admission. All coursework for the program is normally completed by end October in the year following the intake. The duration of studies for Full-Time students is 16 months. The program is divided into 5 +1 academic periods, each period consisting of 7 weeks of classes, followed by 1 week of exams (in terms of semesters, academic periods are conjoined in 3 semesters). At the end of their coursework, students undertake their Immersion Graduation Project, which normally lasts 3 months and ends in December in the year following the intake. For the exact dates for the coming year, please see the academic calendar.


The curriculum consists of:

  • Core courses common for all participants
  • Required and elective courses that “count” towards their concentration
  • Elective courses
  • An Immersion Graduation Project
  • A Personal Skills Development Program, parallel to the coursework

During the first 2 periods, students undertake mostly core courses, while in the last 2 periods they take mostly elective courses. Note that some of the elective courses may not be offered for one year, depending on student demand or availability of the instructor. The core and the elective courses are distinguished in:

  • Full-courses, which include 28-32 hours of teaching and count for 2-3 academic credits
  • Mini-courses, which include 15 hours of teaching and count for 1 academic credit.

For a summary overview of all courses and their scheduling over the year, please click here (for Full Time & Part Time cohort).

For the content of the courses, please go to the menu “Courses”.

Degree Requirements

To complete the program, a student has to obtain 42 academic (90 ECTS) credits:

  • Core courses: 22 credits
  • Elective courses: 14 credits (of which 8 can qualify for a specific concentration)
  • Personal Skills Development courses: 2 credits
  • Immersion Project: 4 credits

Faculty Advisor

The Athens University of Economics and Business has established the role of Faculty Advisor for postgraduate students, in order to support them during their studies. The Faculty Advisor is the point of contact for students on issues related to their academic progress, their participation in the academic community and their professional development. You can find more information about the responsibilities of the Faculty Advisor here.

Immersion Project 

The Field Study Program (FSP) is the capstone requirement of the MBA program. It aims at bringing together teams of participants with companies and organizations, in order to address real problems in a corporate environment. The sponsor company representatives, the graduate students and the program faculty collaborate in selecting, formulating, structuring, executing and reporting on field study projects for mutual benefit and enrichment. The projects emanate from real business problems that companies face. The studies are executed utilizing the latest tools and methodologies, and their results are reported through the master’s thesis of the students and professionally written managerial reports. More than 300 Field Study projects have been successfully completed, with excellent feedback both from company sponsors and program participants.

Students might also undertake an internship or an entrepreneurial project.

Personal Skills Development Program (PSD)

Throughout the academic year, every participant undergoes a Personal Skills Development (PSD) Program. This personalized coaching and development program assists the participant to develop and improve his/her personal skills, such as communications, teamwork, stress management, negotiations etc. This course includes a number of activities, such as lectures, assignments, cases, role-playing, presentations, coaching, etc. In the program, the participant is also assisted in developing his/her personal career plans.

International Exchanges

Full time participants can participate in an international exchange program during the last 2 periods of the program, with one of the Business Schools that participate in our exchange program. For the academic year 2020-2021  there are exchange agreements with schools in France, Spain, China, India, South America, North America, Thailand and Singapore. A participant interested in participating in an international visit has to indicate his/her preference by the end of the first academic period (November).

Current Distinctions & Awards