The Internship option will only be approved exceptionally, after review and decision by the Interdepartmental Steering Committee of the program. The review will ensure that the internship is of adequate MBA standard and allows the student to make a career shift, or support his or her career development plans in any other substantial way.

If the above conditions are met, students are encouraged to apply for internships in organizations outside of Greece, thereby gaining valuable international experience. The search and application process is personal from the very beginning, in collaboration with the Career Office. Internships in Greece can also be considered.

Set Up, Organization and Duration

Internships can start right after the end of the courses – mid July. They must last for at least 12 weeks and documentation and presentation of the project must be completed by end of November.

Students that want to opt for an internship are strongly advised to search actively on their own, but are always required to inform the Career Office of their activities.


An internship reference report must be submitted to the company and to the faculty tutor by end of November.  An oral presentation of the results and recommendations takes place soon thereafter.


There is great heterogeneity in terms of the setup that companies offer for MBA Internships.

To the greatest extent possible we wish that travel and basic living expenses (rent) are supported by the company in the case of an internship abroad.

Global Internship Program – AIESEC

MBA International’s students are also welcomed to participate in the Global Internship Program of AIESEC. For more information, click here.

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