Applying to the MBA International program of AUEB

The application period for both the Full time and the Part time programs runs through the year and is divided in two rounds (click here for the deadlines). Please note that all application materials should arrive to the admissions office by 17.00 of the corresponding deadline.
Depending on the time of submitting an application, the applicant will know the outcome of the evaluation process normally within a month after submission.
Yes, applications are reviewed as they are submitted. Since there is a “rolling admissions” policy in place, try to submit your application as early as possible. This way, you will hear from us earlier concerning the outcome of your application. Also, if you are interested in receiving financial aid, you are strongly encouraged to apply early.
Yes, we organize a number of events in Greece and abroad. Please look at the events’ section at the homepage of our website to find out where and when. You can also arrange a meeting with us by calling +30 210 8203 659, or e-mail us at imba@aueb.gr.
You may apply On-line or alternatively you may contact us to obtain the application form by e-mail.
Because the nature of the applicant pool can change from year to year, we do not grant admission deferrals.
If you submitted your application during the last year, you may renew your application by sending us a letter asking for your application to be reconsidered, together with the application fee, and any additional material you want to submit. Renewal applications must be received by regular application deadlines. If you applied more than two years ago, you must submit a new and complete application.

Admissions Requirements

To be considered for admission in the Full time program, candidates must hold a degree from a formally accredited Greek or international University (AEI), or Technological Institute (TEI), and must submit a fully completed application for admission. Additional requirements include minimum work experience (at least 3 years), excellent knowledge of English, and GMAT (minimum 550). The average age in the Full time class is approximately 26 years old.
To be considered for a place in the program, candidates must be able to demonstrate that they possess the essential qualities required from tomorrow’s business managers and leaders: Intellectual capacity, managerial potential, personal motivation and maturity, and interpersonal skills. To assess these qualities we carefully consider biographical and academic background information, employment history and distinctions, GMAT score, English language proficiency (demonstrated through the Proficiency certificate and/or the TOEFL/IELTS scores, and the interview), extracurricular achievements, service to the community, letters of recommendation, awards and honors received, and University and community involvement, especially where candidates have served in leadership capacities. The Admissions Committee seeks to create a community of students who bring unique contributions from their diverse backgrounds and experiences and who will collectively enrich the educational experience.
Work experience is a requirement for admission to the program. For the Full time program, candidates should have at least three years of work experience. However, candidates with limited work experience who have exceptional academic records and GMAT scores, as well as demonstrated strong leadership, can also be admitted to the program.
All candidates of the Full Time program must take the GMAT test. When registering for the GMAT test, please indicate the school’s code number WF7-WH-52.

Taking the GMAT

Yes, we do not consider applications with a GMAT score of less than 550. The average GMAT score is significantly higher (last intake’s scores ranged between 550 and 770, with an average score of 640). However, please note that GMAT is only one of the criteria for admission in the program.
No, however, we have not accepted anybody in the Full Time program and only exceptionally in the Part Time program, with a GPA of less than 6 out of 10 in the recent years.
The GMAT is a standardized assessment, delivered in English that helps business schools assess the qualifications of applicants for advanced study in business and management. Schools use the test as one predictor of academic performance in an MBA or in other graduate management programs. The GMAT measures basic verbal, mathematical, and analytical writing skills that a candidate has developed over a long period of time in his/her education and work. The GMAT is administered at specific locations in Athens, Thessaloniki, as well as in many major cities all over the world. To obtain further information and/or to make testing arrangements, please visit the web site www.mba.com. When applying for the GMAT please make sure that official test results are sent to AUEB – MBA International Program, code number: WF7-WH-52.

The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is recommended for candidates who have not obtained the English Proficiency Certificate. The minimum acceptable score is 79. For more information and registration for the test, please visit the web site www.ets.org/toefl. Please note that TOEFL results can be sent directly to AUEB – MBA International Program, code number: 5737. The IELTS is an alternative test to prove fluency in the English language. For further information about IELTS, visit www.ielts.org or www.britishcouncil.gr/exam/ielts. The minimum score required in the IELTS test is 6.5.


All qualified applicants will go through at least two interviews. Interviews are conducted by AUEB faculty members, and, complementarily, by alumni of the program. International candidates, due to distance, may go through telephone interviews, or with interviews only with alumni from their country. Interviews are held after the submission of the application, and once it has been confirmed that the candidate fulfills the minimum admission requirements that have been set by the Admissions Committee.

International Students

The admissions decision schedule and deadlines are the same for all applicants. However, in case an applicant has to go through a visa process, we encourage him/her to apply early.
To be considered for admission, candidates must hold a degree from an accredited College or University. Once accepted, international participants should submit before graduation day the “equivalence” of their undergraduate degree from the DOATAP office.
According to the EU-Eurobarometer Special Survey, around 51 % of the Greek population speaks English. Thus, as an International student you will not face difficulties in communication. Nevertheless, we encourage our International students to learn Greek since it will help them cope more effectively in their day-to-day activities. For that matter, there are both public and private institutions, which offer Greek language courses.
In addition to the Greek language, students can take foreign language courses in a number of other languages, including Chinese, French, German, or Italian. You will find out more about these programs upon arrival on campus.

Costs and Financial Aid

The tuition fees for attending the Full Time program amount to 9,700 euros.
The cost of living in Athens amounts to approximately 400 -700 Euros. This is estimated as follows:

  • Rent: 250-300 euros
  • Utilities: 20-50 euros
  • Food: 80-150 euros
  • Transport: 20 euros
  • Books: 50 euros
  • Other expenses: 50-130 euros

Please note that all participants of the program have a student card, through which they can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at the student cafeteria during the week at a cost of about 2 euros per meal. Program participants also get a transport card, with significant reductions in bus, fairs, etc. Finally, all students have health insurance. 

Wishing to provide the opportunity to students with outstanding educational credentials and potential to attend the Program and advance their careers, i-MBA offers every year a number of scholarships to Full-time students of the Program, based on a variety of criteria. For more information on available scholarships and fellowships please visit the corresponding section of this web site or contact us at +30 210 8203659 and imba@aueb.gr.

Waiving of courses

Credit for core courses already taken in another graduate level can be given, after recommendation of the faculty teaching the course and approval by the program committee. In order for credit to be given, the student has to demonstrate that the previous course has had more than 85% overlap with the course offered, and the homework exercises and cases are similar. A maximum of 2 credits (one core course) can be given to an individual student.
Current Distinctions & Awards