Entry requirements

To be accepted in the Full -Time i-MBA Program, a candidate must hold a first degree from a Greek or foreign University (AEI), or a Greek Technological Educational Institution (TEI). Program participants are also expected to have a  working experience of minimum 3 years postgraduate work experience.

The main selection criteria include prior academic performance, work experience, GMAT test results (optional, for a score above 550) and the candidate’s personality. Participants holding a first degree from a foreign university must submit the soonest possible, and in any event, prior to the date of graduation, the certificate “Recognition of Equivalence” of their first degree, by the Greek Center for Recognition of Foreign Universities (DOATAP).

Applicants apply for admission to the program by submitting a complete application form (https://e-graduate.applications.aueb.gr/)  together with all the required documents, as described in the Admissions section of this site. Registration period takes place prior to the beginning of the academic year.

Current Distinctions & Awards