Entrepreneurial Project

Those wishing to launch a new business venture or develop their own business may undertake an entrepreneurial project, which could be the development of a new business plan, refinement of an existing one or the organization of a start-up.

Set Up, Organization and Duration

Depending on the degree of maturity of the entrepreneurial activity and/or ideas when the students join the program, the entrepreneurial project can be

  • a new business plan,
  • development/refinement of a business plan and parts of its initial realization,
  • the organization of a start-up.


Depending on project nature:

  • Business plan,
  • Business plan and business development results.
  • Presentation and description of venture idea, organization and operation.

The project documentation need to be completed and submitted to the faculty tutor by end of November each year. An oral presentation of the results and recommendations takes place soon thereafter.


The intention to do an individual or group entrepreneurial project is subject to approval by the Program Director after submission of a proposal.

Current Distinctions & Awards