i-MBA Study trip to Copenhagen


During April, i-MBA Full Time students embarked on a field trip to Copenhagen, the capital region of one of the happiest countries in the world. The destination was selected, based on the country’s business, economic and innovation profile. The trip was organized by the i-MBA Full Time students, with important support from faculty and staff of the Program.

The objectives of the trip were to visit and interact with companies, entrepreneurs and academics to gain international exposure, cultural immersion and tie new contacts for future collaboration. During the trip students visited A.P. Moller – MaerskCopenhagen School of EntrepreneurshipCopenhagen Business SchoolInsife and Innovation Centre Denmark.

The i-MBA students also managed to save some time for sightseeing around the city and visits to famous Copenhagen landmarks. Although students knew each other well before, the study trip offered an important opportunity to create closer bonds between them and also with Danish companies and organizations. Networking was a primary goal of this trip in professional as well as in personal terms.

Overall, the trip was a very pleasant break for the students from their everyday academic, professional and personal routine and offered them the opportunities to meet new people and lay the ground for future collaboration and expansion of their networks.

We like to warmly than the following people who generously supported the study trip and opened their organizations to informative and exciting visits: Ioanna ConstantiouIoannis KoniarisHenning MorgenMartin Holm-PetersenSøren Karlsen Glensholm 郭少恩Tine Hasling RasmussenPola WeryszkoStephanie Clemente and Panagiotis Keramidis.


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