i-MBA Study Trip to Stockholm


During October, i-MBA second-year Part-Time students accompanied by the Director of the Program, Professor Eric Soderquist, visited Stockholm in the framework of the Program’s study trip. The destination was selected, based on the country’s business, economic, industrial and technological profile, with one of the largest numbers of global multinationals per capita in the world.

The objectives of the study trip were to visit and interact with managers from a broad array of functional areas in leading Swedish companies, and to meet with academics during university visits, to gain international exposure, cultural immersion and tie new contacts for future collaboration. During the trip students had the opportunity to visit Atea Sverige, Ericsson, Electrolux Group, Scania Group and Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University. We like to warmly thank all the managers in the beforementioned companies who generously supported the study trip by welcoming us in their organizations and making highly informative and exciting presentations.

The i-MBA students also managed to save some time for sightseeing around the city and visits to famous Stockholm landmarks. The study trip offered an important opportunity to the i-MBA students to create closer bonds with Stockholm companies and organizations and learn about cutting edge technologies. Networking was a primary goal of this trip in professional as well as in personal terms.

STUDY TRIP Stockholm

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