Indicative FSP

Alternative Sales Channel Study

Reckitt Benckiser’s existing sales channel is mainly focused on traditional supermarket channels excluding top end. However, many other channels exist and as a result there is a need – opportunity by widening the sales reach (including to potentially changing the current assortment). The scope of the project is to identify new business opportunities for RB’s brands and to make a market / supply chain assessment for specific channels. A literature review was conducted to form the basis on which the project would be run. An individual channel analysis of kiosks – haberdasheries, pet shops, gas stations and beauty institutes – coiffures, provided us with the necessary key findings in order to propose the entrance strategy. Specific brands are proposed for introduction to the new channels and the role of the middlemen – wholesalers is catalytic for the successful entrance. Implications from the proposed strategies are indicated at the levelof strategy, structure, systems, staff and skills. Concluding, benefits can be maximized through the exploitation of the new business opportunities that lie within the new channels.

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