Indicative FSP

Analysis and assessment of the quality of the Corporate Governance practises undertaken by Greek listed companies

This field study project presents an attempt to assess the compliance of Greek listed companies with the greek Corporate Governance framework, as well as with the international best practices. Trends regarding the compliance of companies are indicated in the ‘Corporate Governance Review’, while the compliance score of each separate company and the stock market as a whole is estimated through the ‘GRGov Index’. Companies comply to the aforementioned framework, according to the ‘GRGov Index’, at a degree of 56,30%, which is considered a relatively satisfactory level of compliance. The majority of the companies seems to fulfill the minimum standards set by the Greek regulation, but achieves low compliance with the international best practices. Their strong points lie in practices concerned with shareholder’s rights, the role of independent-non executive directors and board remuneration, while they come short of practices concerned with transparency and board functioning.

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