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Analysis of green financial products

Modern enterprises adopt more and more sustainable development strategies (environmental protection – social responsibility – economic wealth), realising their direct relation with competitiveness, efficiency and profitability. This finding drives financial institutions to see sustainable development as a long-term attractive business field, pushing them to develop “green” financial products, with the aim, besides cash in, the promotion of sustainable development. Examples of such products are green funds, social responsible investments, etc.
Unlike of what is happening today in Europe, where the market of “green” financial products & services is growing substantially, in Greece, even though the market appears to grow, it is in an early stage, with indefinite boundaries and without having gained unified characteristics, differentiating it from the traditional industries.
The development and penetration of “green” financial products is a dynamic procedure that renders the need for cooperation between all the parties involved. From a financial point of view, it requires encouragement of innovation and investment of resources (financial, human and technological) on their development, while from a business perspective, it requires adoption of instruments and methods (sustainability report, interrelation between environmental and financial efficiency etc) that will contribute to the rational assessment and evaluation of plans, projects and the company itself.
In this framework, the development of an innovative market partnership between financial organizations, consultancy firms and enterprises is proposed, since the interrelation between the parties involved (stakeholders), the cooperations developed and the fulfilment of specific market needs will promote the maturing of the market in the total

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