Indicative FSP

Analysis of the Lotteries & Betting market in Greece and South-eastern Europe with respect to evolution, competition and institutional conditions

The study consisted of an effort to understand a sector before and during a major transformation. It was realized on behalf of Ernst & Young Finance SA, at a time of crucial preparation for the aforementioned changes and during the official cooperation with OPAP SA, regarding a five-year Business Plan. The project comprised mining and processing of a vast amount of information about nine different markets (five Balkan and global ones). The research focused on the concentration of secondary data on the economic environment, the legal framework, the present market conditions, the trends and prospects of the sector for further growth. All segments of the market were considered except for the casinos. This study ended with the drawing of conclusions and the unveiling of significant opportunities and threats per segment, country and distribution channel, regarding the formulation and future evolution of the markets under examination.

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