Indicative FSP

Analysis of essential procedures during the search for strategic investors

The Field Study Project was part of a Vendor Due Diligence Report of a Greek Nickel Mining and Metallurgical Company, “Larco G.M.M.S.A.”. The company that delegated the project was Grant Thornton LLP, one of the biggest consulting companies in Greece and worldwide.

At first, an analysis of the nickel market was prepared. This analysis focused mainly on the supply and demand of nickel and the prices that prevail. Secondly, an analysis of the competition, the substitutes and the major customers was also made.

The role of the team was to make a profound analysis of the business operations of the company. In this analysis, special mention was made to the development of the company, its ownership and organizational structure. The students’ team also analyzed its premises, installations and reserves and resources categories. Moreover, they did an analysis of the global nickel market in which they referred to the supply and demand, to the nickel prices and to the major competitors of the company.

The team also made an analysis of the company’s Research and Development department and its investments. Finally, they analyzed its customers and suppliers. Specifically, they referred to its commercial and pricing policy as well as the procedures and regulations for the selection of suppliers and the major cost components that the company takes into account.

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