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Analysis and Relative Performance Evaluation in the Retail Sales Chain Atlantic

The aim of this project is to propose a systematic and comparative evaluation framework, able to score and rank the branches of the retail sales chain “ATLANTIC S.A.”, in a more efficient way. The method is called Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). This method makes the comparative evaluation of business units (in this instance branches) possible, based on criteria such as turnover, profit and cost. The flexibility of this approach, allows the inclusion of a variety of productive factors, like the number of workers, the branch’s area and its objective values. At the same time, DEA gives us the opportunity to enrich our model with qualitative variables, such us population, living standards etc. In this framework and based on the data we were given, DEA is directly compared with ratio analysis, while it is also compared, in a theoretical basis, with some alternative and more traditionally used methods of efficiency evaluation.

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