Indicative FSP

Analysis and simulation of the production process at the Rolling Mill Department of Sofia Med

The modern industrial units are confronted with the imperative for effective and efficient operation. In the highly competitive industry sector of metallurgy, costs and delivery times are factors of critical importance for the survival of a corporation. In this context, the study analyses the procedure followed for the simulation of the production process in the rolling mills department of SOFIAMED, a Halcor Group subsidiary based in Bulgaria. The need for the study arose from the fact that the plant is operating under its capacity level, performing pilot production during this year. The project analyzes possible impediments and deficiencies of the current system while executing the production program of the next five years. Moreover, recommendations are made for a more effective operation of the production system for the efficient management of the problems encountered.
The simulation model was built with the use of the SIMUL8 software package which provides many capabilities for simulating various production processes. The results of the simulation offer many interesting insights regarding the feasibility of the production scenarios and can be used as guidelines for the assumption of initiatives and corrective actions on behalf of the management.

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