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Applying Customer Relationship Management Models in the Tourism Industry

This project examined how contemporary Customer Relationship Management and targeted marketing practices can be implemented in the tourism industry for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, so that they can achieve customer retention, increased profitability and smoothening of demand. The reason that this industry was selected is that it has certain characteristics that render the implementation of CRM and targeted marketing models extremely successful. Furthermore, the key findings, the conclusions and the proposals were generalised to other industries, with similar characteristics as that of tourism. The methodology that was followed includes the collection of demographic and financial data of the under analysis company’s customers, which after statistical and data mining analysis revealed specific customer patterns, which were analysed thoroughly and were used for the new integrated operation proposal under the scopes of CRM and targeted marketing. The actions that are proposed for the company under analysis are very specific and are expected to yield the expected positive results if they are implemented as mentioned. These actions can be generalised with some restrictions for other tourism SMEs as well and also for enterprises that operate in similar industries.

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