Indicative FSP

Attracting Greek Investments to Iraq

The aim of this thesis is to investigate and identify the present status of the investment environment in Iraq and therefore to suggest methods and tools that will allow Greek Companies to invest in the region.

In the first part, we briefly presenting the two countries, Iraq and Greece, while we mention the serious problems that Greek Economy is facing due to the ongoing recession. In contrast with Greece, Iraq is presented as a fast growing market full of potentials.

The thesis then includes an extensive analysis of all the factors affecting investment plans in Iraq while is indicating the problematic sectors in Greece that faced the greatest decline.

The sectors with the highest growth and opportunities are mainly related with sectors like constructions, energy and telecommunications.

In conclusion, the thesis suggests some ideas on how the Iraqi Embassy in Athens could promote the Greek investments in Iraq. With the completion of our project we hope to offer you food for thought and contribute in the promotion of Greek companies, that are seriously affected by the economic crisis, in such a rapidly developing country like Iraq.

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