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Business and Marketing Plan prepared for dgMall

The document constitutes the Business and Marketing Plan for dgMall, a start-up company, operating in the broad e-commerce Greek market, founded in 2015 by Dimitrios Psyllas. It includes three parts: (1) the current situation analysis, which provides in-depth insights into the venture’s internal and external environment, as well as into its market, (2) strategy formulation referring to segmentation, targeting, positioning, product, price, distribution and promotion related concerns and activities, (3) the strategic implementation and control processes needed to be established in order to ensure dgMall’s successful launch in the market and (4) the relevant financial data. This plan’s importance lies on multiple factors, such as the fact that it helps focus business resources and plan accordingly towards business growth, reach target audience, boost customer base, increase bottom line and ultimately survive and prosper. The analysis included had been based both quantitative and qualitative market research results, feedback from potential customers, online research and theoretical resources. Concluding, it aspires to give dgMall’s executive team a strategic guideline for the period 2015-2016.

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