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Business plan for commercial exploitation of broadband networks in the Greek market

This is a study about business models for e-governance services provided over broadband networks in Greece and the potential role that the sponsor company Uni Systems S.A. could play in these models. The study begins with an overview of the Broadband evolution, the existing access technologies and the corresponding capabilities that these provide to Internet users. A Market Analysis about the Broadband Internet penetration globally and in Greece follows. E-governance services are presented and categorized by the ultimate beneficiary and the level of their evolution. The demand and supply of these services abroad is reported and compared with the situation in Greece. The key role of the state and its interventions towards e-governance realization in Greece are identified. The last part of the study is focused on business model propositions related to e-governance services and the value chain layers analysis. Propositions for how Unisystems can position in this value chain are made.

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