Indicative FSP

Business Plan for the Production of Passports by the Institute of Banknote and Value Printingworks

The Institute of Banknote and Value Printing Works of the Bank of Greece S.A. is assigned to the printing of banknotes, primarily and other security documents such as lottery tickets, state bills, identity cards, visa stickers, transport passes etc.
The adoption of the Euro as the National currency of Greece, has led to the decrease of the banknote quantity produced, resulting in resource surpluses. Those excess resources can be diverted towards the production of new products, in the field of security documentation that, up to now, has been undertaken by other companies.
A cost effective opportunity would be, for the Institute of Banknote and Value Printing works, to undertake the market of passport printing as it complies by all the technological, infrastructure as well as qualitative criteria relating to such a task.
This addition to the portfolio of products it currently sells will enhance its profitability and sustain its leading market share in the production of security documentation.

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