Indicative FSP

Business process analysis and reengineering for improved productivity and service level in alternative channel operations

Many argue that most organizations never designed their processes, but rather the existing processes evolved over time. Due to this ad hoc evolution, many processes are far from being streamlined, cost effective, or aligned with the overall organizational goals and strategy. The objective of this project was to assist the bank not only in identifying its major process problems and the critical “bottleneck” problems that it needs to address, but also in formulating appropriate solutions in order to remove bureaucratic barriers, go beyond interdepartmental boundaries and eventually improve its performance. Important procedures in the alternative channels division was analyzed in order to eliminate redundancies, non-value adding activities and duplicated effort in Phone Banking and ATM processes, as well as to describe, explain, understand, document and optimise these processes. The work-centered analysis method was applied, analyzing the system through the perspectives of architecture and performance. Detailed process improvement recommendations were provided and simulations of these improvements showed significant efficiency effects in terms of execution time and cost.
The adoption and use of the proposed products will allow ABG to answer the needs of its clients by offering customised and attractive solutions to their problems, increase its presence in the Greek financial market and improve its financial performance.

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