Indicative FSP

Business Process Analysis

The project develops a general framework for the achievement of enterprise-wide effectiveness, cost minimization and customer satisfaction in BANC POST SA. By separating sales from support activities, at branch level, we exploit the concept of centralization. Thereinafter, Centralized Operations Centers, should undertake all supporting activities previously executed at branch level. Our belief is that such organizational structure represents a successful process reengineering for designing more effective ways of serving customers. In order to implement the bank’s strategic goals, state-of-the art information systems and effective human resource planning are of paramount importance.
The project evolved along four phases.
It started with a typical business process-mapping phase based on questionnaires and interviews with managerial staff that resulted in flow charts of most processes.
The second phase sought to identify those processes that constraint the system. In this phase we proposed best practices for overcoming the problems associated with the bottlenecks.
In the third phase we tackled organizational and workflow-related topics by examining the current organizational structure and problems of the company and proposing alternative workflows that could alleviate problems during overload periods.
The project concluded in phase four, which put everything into a strategic perspective, taking into consideration information systems and expansion policies

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