Indicative FSP

Clean Sea – Corporate Social Responsibility Projects: The case of Ireland

Marine pollution has become a serious global problem, originating from a variety of land and sea-based sources and affecting a various range of industries. During this field study project, our team developed CSR activities that not only reduce sea/beach waste in an effective way, but also consider CSR needs of sponsoring organisations, while applying WifOR’s impact analysis models. The first part focuses on identifying the major types of sea pollution and their impact on the environment, various sea related sectors and the economy. Further, the most important stakeholders that either contribute to and/or are mostly affected by sea pollution were identified. The second part is a compilation of CSR activity models that tackle the identified main issues of marine pollution and correlate with WIFOR’s specific impact analysis model(s). Finally, potential sponsors and collaborators (i.e. companies, organizations, NGOs, public administrations) for the projects along with their incentive to participate were identified and put together in an indicative list.

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