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PWC-Greece: “Attracting” young professionals and graduates for recruitment purposes

Staffing an organization with the right human capital is not only pivotal to the success of the organization but also one of the greatest challenges to be faced. This project was conducted in order to research the most efficient methods to “attract” young graduates and professionals for recruitment purposes on behalf of PricewaterHouseCoopers (PwC)–Greece.

In order to draw conclusions regarding the most suited ways to attract suitable candidates, it was deemed necessary to analyze 263 questionnaires distributed by PwC during previous recruitment periods. Moreover, a focus group of young graduates and professionals was interviewed. Finally, relevant literature on how to find and attract talented graduates was studied and is cited accordingly.

The results of the questionnaire as well as of the focus group presented a first glimpse regarding PwC’s brand awareness in Greece as a potential employer as well as on the expectations and priorities of new executives when in search for employment. In addition, based on the answers of those interviewed, a list was put together regarding the most efficient ways through which PwC can increase its brand-awareness and the number of candidates that correspond to the firm’s needs. Finally, different approaches and plans are suggested so as to attract the most suited and competent candidates, in cooperation with the different departments of the Economic and Business Schools that currently constitute the main pool of candidates for the firm.

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