Indicative FSP

Comparative analysis and evaluation of the efficiency in the logistics operations of stores

Using a method known as Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) the project team performed a comparative analysis and evaluation in the logistics operations of the J&S Sklavenitis branches. The warehouse surfaces and the labor costs as input variables, and the days-on-hand, the inventory deviation and the percentage of returns as output variables were integrated in the model. Based on the results of the model, the team mapped, analyzed, and compared the processes followed in these warehouses in order to identify the causes of the efficiency difference. The main conclusion is that the lack of technology – mainly in IT systems – the lack of common established process by the central Management of the company and the lack of data that could enable their monitoring and evaluation, contribute to reduced efficiency and increased logistics costs. Recommendations related to the introduction of a Warehouse Management System, the standardization and enforcement of processes by the central Management were developed.

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