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Corporate analysis of MegaCars S.A.

The project concerns the corporate analysis of Mega Cars company, which entered the dealership network of Ford Motor Hellas in June 2004. The cooperation between the two parties looks forward to improving the financial performance of the company and to enhancing its competitiveness in the market. However, the accession of the company in the Ford network requires the institution of a number of very important changes, in order to comply with FMH procedures.
Initially, an analysis of the competitive environment takes place, including the conduct of mystery shopping in the rival dealers. Thereafter, the promotion policy of the company is described and evaluated, so as to assess its effectiveness, with the assistance of a focus group. Then, an analysis of the culture of the company takes place, in order to evaluate eventual gaps between what the employees perceive as and what they want. The financial analysis includes pro forma financial statement, pro forma cash flow statement and a calculation of some financial indexes. Finally, the action plan recapitulates the suggestions that are proposed in each section of the project. It is a guide for the smooth and successful transition in the FMH network.

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