Indicative FSP

Cost accounting of supply chain activities

The mission of this project is to identify, analyze and finally compute the costs that are associated with the inter-firm’s supply chain activities and more specifically with the costs occurring in the purchasing, processing, warehousing and sales of company’s products for the time period between 1/1/2006 and 30/6/2006. With the execution of this project the company will be aware of the cost that each activity has in order to transform a raw material into the final product, the single cost per product of purchasing, processing, storing and selling and the total inter-firm supply chain cost for each one of the final products. The methodology that has been applied for the computation of firm’s supply chain is Activity Based Costing at the first level, in order to compute the costs of processing activities, and then Unit-Based Cost Metrics in order to allocate these costs to the different products.

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