Indicative FSP

Creation of a Project Management Template for Monitoring and Control of construction projects for renewable energy power plants

This Project involved the analysis, categorization, evaluation and simplification of internal processes and documents of the company, mainly in the form of legal contracts and their extended technical annexes, as well as regulations, technical specifications and standards set by the Public Power Company (PPC) and the Ministry of Public Works. The first goal was to filter and transform all of the input into practical checklist forms (technical templates) regarding Civil and Electro-Mechanical Engineering Works relating to the construction of Wind Parks. The second goal was the breakdown of the Legal Contracts of the company in terms of Obligations, Rights, Deadlines and other critical stages of the construction phase as regards both the Owner of the plants (EGPH) and the Contractor (construction company or consortium). The majority of the output of this project is a basic form of quality measurement of the construction phase of Wind Parks, to be used on and off-site by the company’s assigned supervising engineers and managers, constituting an implementation of “Added-value Engineering” to the related processes and quality assurance techniques.

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