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Critical Factors For Effective E-banking Adoption In New Europe Countries

nternet banking is growing rapidly, introducing a new model of doing business and applies to retail and corporate customers alike. The increasing usage of eBanking in daily banking transactions is a global phenomenon and can be easily spotted in the domestic and international markets. There are several theories and views about the drivers and obstacles of using internet banking services, from the security perspective, the possible innovative characteristics of the customer to the customer relationship with the bank and the interaction and service satisfaction. Focusing on the factors that influence the adoption of internet banking, this project aims to discover the reasons why internet banking subscribers would use the service, as well as what determines their willingness to change their behavior in buying financial services. The focus was on studying the behaviors of customers in European countries where Eurobank is expanding its’ business activities. These are the so called New Europe countries. Based on the data analysis, models of customer behavior and the factors affecting consumer acceptance of Eurobank’s internet banking in New Europe countries are developed. The major findings imply that trust, complexity, compatibility and product category usage emerge as the most significant factors that affect internet banking adoption.

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