Indicative FSP

Customer Behavior Analysis of the online Shop

The project is aiming at the analysis of consumer’s behavior of the “” e-shop. belongs to the Quest Group and it’s currently one of the biggest and most popular electronic shops in Greece. It was first launched in December 2006 as a pure technology web shop, but during the last few months it has expanded its product lines by adding living and healthcare products. More specifically, this project is targeting in extracting valuable knowledge related to consumer behavior through modern techniques of Data Mining which will lead to: Α) a more efficient communication and promotion of the company’s products, based on the preferences, behavior and personalized needs of every customer. Β) the design of an integrated Loyalty System, adjusted to the characteristics of the consumer data base of the company, offering incentives and rewarding customers interaction with the web shop platform (number of purchased products, shares, tell a friend etc.) C) The establishment of practices that can be implemented systematically in order to observe efficiently consumer’s behavior in the long run. Through a deep and very well structured research the FSP AUEB team was able to establish some substantial conclusions and suggestions to based on very important information that was extracted from data manipulation.

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