Indicative FSP

Decision Support System technology for product development

FORTHnet is one of the biggest ISPs in Greece. Nowadays FORTHnet is expanding its activities on the telecom industry by entering in the liberalised fixed telephony market. In order to overcome the hard competition presented in the specific sector, great effort should be spent on identifying cost generators, examining investments and the corresponding risk, studying the parameters of the market and performing accurate and effective network planning.
The main scope of the project was to identify and formulate the requirements specification of a complete DSS product, in a modular mode, that will encounter the main enterprise drivers which are, the cost analysis, the market model, the investments & risk part, the Network dimensioning and a scenario analysis. The objective is to assist the management of FORTHnet at the decision making procedure on the product & services development domain by providing a complete analytical tool that gathers information from the main enterprise areas, performs algorithm based calculations and produces meaningful indexes & alternatives for the formulation of a decision.

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