Indicative FSP

Design & Investment Analysis of Social Media Influence Services

This FSP investigates and designs the isMOOD cORE platform, a new venture isMOOD is planning to implement. The new venture lies in the field of content marketing & distribution and capitalizes isMOOD’s expertise on social network analytics. Since the volume of information available on the Internet is constantly increasing, it becomes more and more challenging for a marketer and a content creator to make its content easily identifiable by the targeted Internet user/potential customer.

Towards evaluating the new venture, the FSP presents and analyzes the current situation of the content marketing and distribution market. It also focuses on the existing competition and also on the challenges and problems that professionals in the field have to overcome.

To sum up, this FSP concludes on the design of the cORE platform, whose aim is to bring together publishers and content creators in order to make distribution of content easier and more effective in an optimal way, taking into consideration three basic factors: the content, the influencing power of each publisher (based on the structure of the network) and finally the incorporated gamification elements to enhance user engagement.

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