Indicative FSP

Design of a voice portal for application in a rapidly changing business sector

This field study project is about creating the requirements analysis for the call centers of the insurance companies in Greece, and designing the dialogs for the development of a voice application for automating the customer care support functions. The project was requested by Voice Web, a company that implements voice portals.
The study begins with an extensive reference to voice applications and their technologies, giving details not only about their features and characteristics but also about the additional parts that compose their complete architecture. The voice recognition technology market is analyzed both on a global and on a local level along with references in applications and their growth in general. Specific applications of the world insurance industry are also presented and an analysis of the Greek insurance sector follows. Then, there is a description of the methodology used and the steps of execution with their objectives, beginning with the information collection, the questionnaires and interviews planning, the analysis of the results, up to the final composition of the proposals. Following this, there is a detailed questionnaires’ analysis and a presentation of the proposals along with an analysis for their prioritization and evaluation. At the end we present the proposed dialogs for 21 services with the conclusions as these derive from the previous analysis and additionally a very useful ROI analysis that can be used by the insurance company.

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