Indicative FSP

Developing a new strategic service for the Center

NDC is the national organization providing documentation, information and support for issues concerning search, science and technology. Within the scope of its activities, the management of NDC decided to develop a new value added service that will provide exquisite information to various industries. The fish-farming sector was chosen as prototype. To this extent, NDC has assigned to AUEB the development of this new service within the scope of this field study project. The procedure that was followed is based on the existing bibliography for new service development and has led, after contacts with firms of the industry, to the specification of the needs that this new service has to accomplish and to the evaluation of the capabilities of the NDC for the development of this specific service. The final result was the creation of a newsletter that will be delivered electronically to the interested parties and covers four basic categories: Market – trends and prospects, fish cultures- currently cultured and new species-, new technologies, and funding opportunities- European programs.

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