Indicative FSP

Development and application of a methodology for staff optimization in the Cargo Unit of Olympic Airways S.A.

This project aims at developing a methodology to aid Olympic Airways Ground Handling Unit to strategically plan the optimal use of its human resources. The results for each variable airside and landside working position are initially presented in man-hours and afterwards they are translated into the respective required number of employees. The project is based on actual and historical data, which were provided by OA and have to do with elements that concern the company itself and the airline companies whose ground handling services are provided by OA.
The added value of this project can be summarized in two sections. First of all, the development of the measurement templates that consist a detailed description of the activities that each position is comprised of and the respective times that are needed for their completion. Consequently, information of great importance is recorded that can be the starting point for every improvement attempt, in which the human resources factor participates directly or indirectly.
Additionally, by use of this information we are led to the conclusion that if OA were to implement an alternative method of employment, it would result in the strengthening of its position against competition, as the optimal use of its human resources can provide a strategic competitive advantage. Moreover, additional propositions are made, the implementation of which can result in the significant improvement of the company’s competitive position.

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