Indicative FSP

Development and implementation of an assessment framework for innovation readiness and innovation potential

ALUMIL is an aluminium extrusion and system maker which strongly relies on innovation. The objective of the project was to conduct an assessment of the innovation readiness in the organization, and analyse the areas that can be improved. Innovation can be considered as the central node of businesses, especially the ones relying of engineering products and services. It is the way the company can be differentiated and sense the business evolution. It is however wrong to find innovation only in product design and inventions. Those are the visible parts of the iceberg. Behind, it is an entire process, requiring the participation of all players in the organization, as well as external stakeholders.
An analytical framework was developed and tested, enabling identification of innovation enablers. A questionnaire on the state of the enablers in ALUMIL was administrated to the personnel and the results were translated into action plans for improved innovation performance.

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