Indicative FSP

Development of a Methodological Framework/ System for the Performance Assessment & Benchmarking of Ground Handling Service Providers in Athens International Airport

The objective of the FSP is the establishment of a Performance Monitoring System of the Ground Handling Services in Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”. In this respect, the development and application of a methodological framework for the monitoring of the above mentioned services is analyzed and presented. Furthermore, performance indicators of the minimum service levels/standards are developed. This study represents the first approach towards setting an objective base on which a systematic measurement of the “actual capabilities of the airport” is performed. The approach towards implementing a performance measurement frame is directed to those ground handling categories of services transparent to the final customer and perceived as critical parameters of passenger satisfaction. The establishment of a performance monitoring framework constitutes the first step towards reaching service level agreements between the airport and the ground handling companies, based on commonly agreed and accepted service standards.

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