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Development of Parking Management Strategy for the Employee Parking Lots at Athens International Airport

The airport industry is a highly competitive market and at the same time very sensitive to external impacts such as terrorist attacks, environmental policies and other. For this reason, airports internationally have turned their interest to new sources of profit besides the traditional core aeronautical activities. Modern airports are more than just transportation hubs. They have evolved into busy communities, which attract consumers and businesses interest in multiple ways. This new approach of conducting business in the airport industry is enhanced through carefully designed business systems, such as loyalty programs and other CRM applications, supported by the use of sophisticated technology. This study, conducted for the Athens International Airport, aims to help the airport align with the evolving new trends indicated by the global scenery and helps it keep step ahead. The objective of the study is to enhance customer satisfaction, ameliorate the level of service provided by the Athens International Airport and create customer loyalty. During this effort extensive research on other international airports’ practices as well as on Athens International Airport passenger base are used in order to identify the best services applicable. Technology and especially the Internet as implementation platform play a catalytic role.

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