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Dream Town: a real estate project

The aim of this Project is to set up a Business Plan that shows how PEOPLE Ltd plans to create a Dream Town in an area south of Messini.

The Business Plan consists of 4 parts.

In the first part the key-factors of this project are introduced: The company: PEOPLE Ltd; The Vision: The creation of a dream town, which will offer high quality of life for its citizens; The product: The increase of the land’s value; and finally, The Area: (2.500.000 sqm in Messini) and its competitive advantages.

In the second section presented the Market Research that proposes and proves opportunities suggested for the use of the Area. PEOPLE Ltd believes that the area is a touristic and residential hotspot, not only for Greece, but also internationally. Greece introduces at the moment, unique opportunities, which – if used in the right way- could transform the Area in a Dream Town not only for tourists, but also for residents.

In the third part, proposed the formation of an new company, the PEOPLE Development in which PEOPLE Ltd will be the initial shareholder and will have the management, for the creation of the Dream Town. Further its analysed in the business plan the structure and operation of the new venture, the functions that each member of the staff will undertake and finally the key activities necessary for the accomplishment of the goal.

In the fourth and the final part is the financial analysis of the project. The various costs and the sales projections are displayed and analysed. The outcome of the analysis reveals that the new venture has a great potential for success.


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