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E-Pharma B2B business plan

The purpose of this project is to design and develop a Μodel Online B2B Procurement Platform to leverage P&G’s reach to a greater number of pharmacies across Greece and provide with a Marketing and Go to Market Plan for the first six months of operation.

Methodology: In order to gain insight on the characteristics of the pharmaceutical industry a detailed Landscape Analysis on the Greek Market and Αbroad was performed. Having identified the limitations, opportunities and existing Best Practices of the industry a comprehensive qualitative research on a number of selected Pharmacists was conducted. Taking all the above as an input, an Alpha version of the platform was created. A secondary research with pharmacists was conducted, asking their feedback in the design and features proposed. Then the platform was finalized.

Findings: Key finding is that the Greek pharmacists are not utilizing new technologies extensively and are very averse to change in their modus operandi. There is however a trend towards adopting new technologies by pharmacies and wholesalers and P&G must act as a leader of market developments.

Conclusions: Despite limitations, the research shows that pharmacies are willing to gradually adopt the new platform as long as it improves on their practice and does not interrupt significantly their working habits. The efficient substitution of the current Sales Representative Procurement Model is also a crucial parameter to consider.

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