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E-procurement Adoption Factors in the Greek Fuel Market: The Case of “FuelONE”

This study examined various organizational, environmental and technological factors associated with the adoption of a new web-based procurement service by potential users (buyers and suppliers of fuel products). Raw data were taken by a recent telephone survey (conducted by third parties) to 128 commercial and industrial companies (fuel buyers) from various sectors and were analyzed in order to identify whether the launching of this new service in the fuel market, namely “FuelONE” will be successful. Using logistic regression analysis and cross-tabulation analysis along with a qualitative research we conducted, by directly interviewing nine companies (eight potential buyers and one potential supplier), we concluded on four important adoption factors. The use of technology, the size of the company, the degree of organization and monitoring of the procurement procedure as well as cost efficiency as a perceived benefit are all significantly associated with the adoption of the service.

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